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Gems of Andover – Serendipity Strikes A Quilting Adventure

For those of you who remember to back in December or January, a lot of folks on Instagram were looking for their key word for 2015.  I picked serendipity.   Why?  Because I felt that 2015 would be marked by the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.  And it happened!  Really!

A border I had envisioned for my recent Bunnies Gone Wild did not work out.  I had pondered doing a border of Chinese Lanterns, which you can see here: Chinese Lanterns.  So I stuck that paper piece template aside and merrily went with a four patch border.

But never a dull moment with moi!  I found myself with a blank design wall and was wondering what to do next.  When I looked over at my cutting table, the Chinese lantern pattern was sitting there, with a ruler on it, and serendipity!  I traced the line with a pencil and my gem block was born.  Of course, it looked wretched but it worked for me –  Gem 2 Original Pattern

And my Andover fabrics stash was calling me again.  As it usually does.  Because its pretty.  And fun.  And it needed to be used.  So the Gems of Andover were born.  The pattern is more simplistic than some of the gem blocks floating around these days – not as many facets and shapes.  But I was happy.

IMG_1680 IMG_1674 IMG_1691




So happy that I kept making them.  And made a larger one.  And people on Instagram kept encouraging me (bad move!).   I got to this point with six, and laid out six more.  I figured a dozen would do!








Then I decided some Alison Glass handcrafted for a big finish and VOILA!  I wound up with a most delightful project that has been a lot of fun.  I did some ditch quilting and some wavy lines and voila, Gems of Andover.

If you want to make your own gems, here’s the cleaned up PDF Gem 3 Updated Pattern.  The proportions for the top section are a little different than my pencil mock up, but it still is a gem of a block (I should stay away from puns or whatever it is I think I was getting here).  I even made a pattern cover – you know, just to get all fancy Gem 4 Colorized.

The finale!
The finale!