Danger – Curves Ahead

I have been doing a lot of work with curves lately. This is my latest attempt at taking curves and building bridges between them. The following instructions are intended for your personal use. If you share it, make sure you give me credit. The piece unfinished is 35 ½ x 35 ½. I’ve provided a coloring sheet after the templates. Happy creating!


Fabric Requirements

I used 6 fat quarters of different Robert Kaufmann Kona solids in blues. I also used about half a yard of Kona grey (I think it is charcoal!) for the background. The fabric requirements will vary depending on what you wind up doing with the piece






Block Cutting

There are two blocks that comprise this piece. Both are 7 ½ inch unfinished blocks.  There is also a center block. To make this you will need:

16 drunkards path block

  • these are constructed using template A and template B on page 4.
  • You will need 16 of A and 16 of B.
  • In the design shown, I did 8 blue and 8 grey of each of A and B to get the design.
  • The seam allowances are included in the templates but not shown.











8 bridge blocks – for these you need to cut the following from your fabric


  • 8 pieces 2” x 7 ½” – for the design shown I cut four from the blues and four from the grey so that the bridges carry from the drunkard’s path block
  • 8 6 x 7 ½ – I cut mine from the blues








1 center square block 7 ½ x 7 ½ (I used the blues)

Sewing the Blocks

For the drunkard’s path block, you need to take one template A and one template B (I used my Accuquilt 7 ½ drunkards path die). Match the notch – I pin there. And I only use one pin J. I have the B piece on top. Start sewing, going slowly as you work around the curve. When you get to the pin, remove it and continue on to the end. Yes, it is that easy. I do not clip the curves. I press from the back and press the template A out.


You will have a total of 16 drunkard’s path blocks.

For the bridge blocks, you need to sew one 2 x 7 ½ piece to one 6 x 7 ½ piece to create 8 blocks.

Quilt Layout

The quilt is laid out in a five by five design as shown below. The top and bottom two rows contain the drunkard’s path blocks and a bridge block. The middle row has four bridges and the 7 ½ x 7 ½ center square.




Join the blocks together in rows as shown. This is a detail of the bridge block placement between the two drunkard’s path blocks.

When sewing the blocks into rows, I press the seams in opposite directions in each row so that the seams nest when the rows are joined together. Now join the rows together as shown and voila, you are done!




Drunkard’s Path Block Templates (seam allowances included but not drawn in – cut at the solid black line – consider template plastic or heavier weight paper to cut your templates. If you have an Accuquilt, I used the 7 ½ drunkards path.)









Coloring Block

Danger Curves Blank








And this and this was the original with a change up as I measured wrong!









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