Hacking on a sunday…but in a fabric kind of way…

So I did not do much in the way of sewing on Saturday as it was a very nice day and there were multiple errands to run, including dropping off my Bernina for service (when I get that very polite message, I always head it into the shop) and running over to the LQS to get some feedback on the piece I am working on for them (I will do another post on that, I promise).  I added another border to that project!  Then I had to run the dogs to their spa treatment, so they spent a lovely time getting baths and having nails painted and the day was pretty much gone.  And had gotten away from me!

So Sunday I decided that I really needed to use up some pieces from the LQS project, including a boatload of 3 inch squares of Kona in a variety of colors.  I overcut.  Quite a bit.  I also had some fairly large pieces of Lucky Penny in white.  And so I started to hack.  And slash.  And hack some more.

I cut white pieces into 7 1/2 squares (that was the final choice – I started at 8 1/2 but they were too large).  I then randomly picked 3 of the 3 inch Kona squares for the corners.  Why only 3 corners?  Why not!

The 3 inch squares were placed on the corners and I drew diagonal lines and sewed on the line.  I then cut 1/4 inch from the sewn line and pressed and Voila, a block.  I made a total of 16 blocks this way.

Placement?  Hmmmm…I decided to have the first row with all the empty corners (no 3 inch piece on it) oriented to the bottom left, the next row pointed it to the upper right, and then bottom left, then upper right!  I got two distinct patterns this way, a full square and an hourglass thingy.

So it was a little small, and I added a 3 inch by 7 1/2 inch strip to make a first border, placing 3 inch Kona squares on the strip ends as needed to place them in spots where they finish up the secondary patterns.  I sewed and trimmed these the same way as the large squares – diagonal line, sew on line, and trim and press.  Once that border was complete, I added a second border of 3 inches by length, adding a 3 inch square on the ends.  For the top and bottom strips, I added a 3 inch white square to make the length fit properly.

I then sewed remaining 3 inch Kona pieces together to get a very colorful border.  I have made a back and the piece is pinned and ready to quilt.  I will update as soon as it is all done!

hack sunday twohacking sunday one