Sunnyside Asymmetrical Diamonds

I admit I spend far too much time quilting and playing around with my virtual friends on Instagram for my own good.  I have found so much inspiration through IG!  Those of you who might know me over on IG know that I post a lot over there, especially about my ‘creative process’ and less time over here on my blog.  You also know that most of my quilting is done with fabric that has inspired me and that I usually focus on a particular fabric in my work and don’t ‘mix it up’ as much as some folks might do.  That’s just my style!  For this piece, I again used Sunnyside by Kate Spain (you can find my Wonky Stars using this line on another blog post).

I started with an Asymmetrical Diamonds pattern I found over on Robert Kaufman fabrics website.  You can find the pattern here:  As you will see there, the Kaufman pattern is inspired by Lisa Roddy’s quilt on her blog, Shiner’s View. you can view the original quilt here.

And I will sketch out my recollections of the process (I should probably take notes when I make something, but I usually just go with the flow and forget what I’ve done to get to the finish!).  I used charm packs of Sunnyside along with some pale yellow solid (I think it is Kona, but don’t quote me – I know I hit up 3 shops to find the color I wanted, dutifully carrying my charm packs with me).

The pattern is I think fairly straightforward and relatively easy to put together as it is HST driven.  I did add some additional length and width to my piece to get the size and look that I wanted.  My piece finishes at 55 square.

The piece was quilted by my awesome long arm quilter – she has done a lot of my pieces and for this she did some amazing scrollwork in the pale yellow and some Angela Walters inspired wonky triangles in the Sunnyside fabric.

And so you know, I am a happy little evildemondevildog because Kate Spain saw this on Instragram and regrammed it.  I could not ask for a better affirmation on my work than having it acknowledged by the fabric designer who inspired it.  Thank you!

Enough fanboy gushing – here are pictures of the finished piece (I used some yardage of Sunnyside for binding) and some detail shots posted elsewhere on my blog.  Now all in one place for your viewing pleasure.

Love Kate Spain.  Love the quilting!
Love Kate Spain. Love the quilting!
Sunnyside Asymmetrical Diamonds Kate Spain
This was prebinding out on the deck. I was so excited to get this back from the long arm adventure.
Sunnyside Asymmetrical Diamonds
The finished 55 x 55 piece.





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