Making a Medallion

I confess that I have wanted to make the Marcelle Medallion out of the Liberty Love book for a while now.  I have seen many of them on Instagram and was really getting excited about attempting my own.  And then I thought, hey, why not just assemble your own.

So I broke out the trust Electric Quilt 7 handbook and figured out (finally after all these years!) to lay blocks into borders and had at it.  The design came out something like this:

Designed in Electric Quilt 7.
Designed in Electric Quilt 7.













And so my work began.  I am using Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics line from Robert Kauffman along with one of her pieces from Architextures.  Her fabric lines are fantastic.  Great color and designs.

The center medallion was relatively easy to get done.  Morning Star.











Once the center was done, I started to work on the subsequent borders.  I had a couple of design struggles during the process, including how scrappy to go in a couple of sections.









And yesterday I started to create the final border sections.  I was originally going to make a block called the Priscilla but it turned out to be a little off kilter and has y seams, so a lot of work.  I decided to go with a simple hummingbird block (no Y seams required though!).  I was going to alternate between the dark grey and light backgrounds, but have decided to go with the light background.  I’ve also decided to scrap it up again and mix in the variety of fabrics that were used in the Arkansas star block and the handkerchief edging.  I only have to make 32 of them!  I will update this post when I have the top all finished up!

And here it is the middle of May and I am just getting around to finishing up this post, though the piece has been done for weeks!  Ack!  So little time.  Not only was I happy with the top, I got all fancy with my Bernina stitches and came up with some great details for the quilting.

IMG_3819 IMG_3839 IMG_3826 IMG_3823










After all the quilting, this was the final result (excuse the man toes, someone needs to wear shoes when he holds quilts for me).

IMG_3841 IMG_3842