Twisted Log Cabin

When I was making my permutations quilt ( I did some block exploration.  One of the blocks I made was a twisted log cabin.








The block found a new home and fame and fortune on Instagram!  A couple of folks have asked about the pattern.  So here is an experiment since I have never tried posting a pdf file to my blog!

The block is from Electric Quilt 7 – I have been using EQ for quite some time (okay, ever since it first came out!) and I love the versatility of the blocks, designs and layouts that can be accomplished.  I have attached a six and seven inch version of the pdf file for your use (disclaimer – I checked EQ7s write up and web page and they say the blocks are not copyright – there are a couple of exceptions and this was not one of them).

Twisted Log Cabin Six Inch Block

Twisted Log Cabin Seven Inch Block

Layer Cake Sampler QAL

Amanda at has an amazing QAL going on!  Use a layer cake – check!  Use half square triangles – check!  Absolutely loving this QAL.

I am using Shades of Black from Me & My Sister Designs – the layer cake is from Moda.  I am also using a plain purple Kona as well as a Moda Marble Dots in purple to give some variety to the layouts.

And six weeks later we are at block 12!  Every Friday Amanda provides two blocks to add to the QAL.  She provides pictures of her block as well as alternate layouts for the blocks.

I have been having a great time with the QAL and several of my Instragram friends who are participating.  I am not even bothered by the fact that jessicaquilter always gets her blocks done before I do (well, not bothered much I suppose).

Here’s the two most recent blocks 11 and 12 as well as the whole group of 12 that have been made to date.

The twelve blocks made to date.  And a sleeping dog.  She is very helpful.
The twelve blocks made to date. And a sleeping dog. She is very helpful.












And we are now up to number 14!  The picture to the left  includes the newest additions (they are shown in the top left of the picture)!  This thing is going to be ginormous!

This is going to be one ginormous quilt!
This is going to be one ginormous quilt!













And tomorrow is Friday so we should be coming to two new ones!  Join me sometime this weekend when I post those.

And again, a finish but blogging is way behind!  It needs to be quilted but I am happy with the result.  There were options for setting the blocks, including sashing and cornerstones, but I went with just having the blocks put together with an outside border.  I liked the additional patterns that formed from keeping the blocks together.  This was an amazing experience!

ginormous with border!
ginormous with border!