The Geese Vortex

My admiration of Alison Glass fabric continues, and after working with it for the Feathers QAL I decided to make some geese.  There is an awesome pattern on her website that I may one day try but for this effort I stayed relatively small (about 31 inches square).

I started by making one of my favorite patterns, A Circle of Geese.  This pattern is available from   I then created some additional geese in different sizes.








And then I debated what to do and turned to my friends on Instagram who as always helped me out in terms of next steps – I debated putting feathers or arrows as a border, but then decided that I would use the column fabric I had and frame the geese – the folks on IG are so inspirational for me and so full of great ideas.  I love having other quilters to turn to for input.







Once I had that done, I created a backing using some leftover pieces.









And finally, some  straight line diagonal quilting, a binding (always a dilemma to me – again my IG friends helped me out) and a label and voila!

The finished back – a little wonkier than I wanted it!
The front all finished up.


Cody makes the cutest label!  I still debate changing my tag to PuppiesandUnicorns.
Cody makes the cutest label! I still debate changing my tag to PuppiesandUnicorns.











I think it came out super!  A couple lessons learned during this process:

(1) Do not wear headphones when you baste and quilt – you will not hear the crinkling of the paper you apparently forgot to tear off the circle of geese.  Well, gives new meaning to the ‘crinkly love’ of a quilt!

(2) When you piece a backing and believe you have it perfectly lined up, forget it.  I’ve done this more than once!  The back gets just a little off kilter.  It still looks good.

And now I am debating what to do with it.  I certainly do not need another quilt in the quilt museum known as my house.  And it isn’t really a kid’s blanket type of thing.  I debated doing it as a giveaway for my IG friends but that means I have to make a decision (or let some random generator do it).  And you see how I get with bindings!

So for all her help and putting up with my IG nonsense while I worked on this quilt, I randomly decided that pattinottessa gets first decline!

The boys and the bee

I wrote earlier about the start of the #NGAQB and you will see a couple of posts in the threads about the boys in this bee!  So far we have gotten through Mr, January, Sandy Greenberg, and Mr. February, Andrew Youngman.  Blocks have been made and mailed and we await final pieces from both of them!

And since Mr. March Andrew Joslyn was kind enough to have already decided his block choice, those have been posted along and they will be joining the others he will use to create his masterpiece!

Andrew requested the Inverted Star – the block is from Jessica Boschen on  It was quite fun to put together and luckily Jessica recommends taking a picture of your layout to refer to, because as you move things around you can forget where you meant to put something!

Here are the finished blocks:

This was the block requested by Andrew.  Inverted Star - Jessica Boschen at
This was the block requested by Andrew. Inverted Star – Jessica Boschen at


Modern Instabee 2014

Well, yes indeed, after 25 plus years of sewing and never having participated in a quilting bee or block exchange, here I am in not one but two bees this year!  This one was started by three of my favorite Instagram friends, Jessica, Lisa and Lisa.  We were all ooooohhh and aaahhh about Lindsey Connor’s Modern Bee book.  It is a delightful book that provides 13 quilts to make with friends.

And what started as a lark grew into a hive and grew into more hives!  I lost count but I believe there are fourteen now!  And from what I have seen on Instagram there is now an Australian chapter!

So if you are on Instagram, look for the Moderninstabee2014 hashtag!  and check out the wonderful quilting work by Hive 1 – sewbeait, jessicaquilter, missplanner, pamsaylor53, sqragan, moogiequilter, cristycreates, crinklelove, justalittleoffquilter, lisaquiltslikeaboss, and the mind behind the hive brazenlisa (and me of course).

Here are my February blocks for sewbeait:

IMG_2977 IMG_2974







And then we moved on to March for jessicaquilter.

jessicaquilter's blocks and my snappy embroidery!
jessicaquilter’s blocks and my snappy embroidery!











And I also had to create labels to provide to everyone based on the awesome label that was created (I couldn’t get the little camera to digitize, but the bee is too cute).

Having a fun 2014!

And here is the complete hive!
And here is the complete hive!