Wrapping Up 2013

Well, 2013 has been a very interesting year (yes, when someone uses ‘interesting’ that just means trouble).

Life in general has been good.  I continue to have issues with vertigo and with spine problems both of which can sometimes make my quilting adventures challenging.  But you muddle along!

I had an opportunity to buy a local quilt shop earlier this year, and am still a little bit disappointed with myself for not taking the risk.  I wasn’t quite positioned to retire from my day job, so I had to pass.

I also joined Instragram, which quite frankly has provided me with more quilting inspiration than I have had for years.  Watching all the new projects, concepts, and ideas that come from the variety of people I follow.  I have become virtual friends with a marvelous group of people from all over the world and I have to say thanks to them for all their support.  They are a great group of folks!

I bought a Juki, breaking decades of Bernina tradition.  I still have my Berninas (two of them!) and they are still my go to machine, but the Juki has a little more ‘industrial oomph’ to is so for some of my bag making projects where I am using rather thick upholstery or home dec fabrics.

And I started to blog!  Who knew!  I just started back in November, so I have not spent as much time as needed on it to get it to where I would like it to be.  Part of my 2014 plan!

Between quilts and embroidery projects, I have I think had a pretty productive year.  I developed some new techniques and found some new tools that have added to skill set.  I have enjoyed a return to foundation paper piecing (still not willing to explore English paper piecing, though I do have some papers for it!).  I bought Electric Quilt 7 – I have missed it so.  My computer that expired a couple years ago had my EQ6 on it and I’d never been able to reinstall EQ, so I bit the bullet and purchased EQ7.  Glad I did.

I am sure there is a lot more I could say about 2013, but all in all it was a great year with lots of great fun.  Thanks for sharing my 2013 adventures (at least the last part of the year!) and hope you enjoy 2014 with me.

And I hope to have at least one last finish in before the year ends!  Quillted, binding sewn on, just need to hand sew binding and I am done with my Giggles quilt!  Yeah.

My Giggles quilt - pattern from Jaybird Quilts www.jaybridquilts.com
My Giggles quilt – pattern from Jaybird Quilts www.jaybridquilts.com

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