If orange is the new black, earth is the new white for me…

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As many of you know, there are a couple of fabric designers that I absolutely love.  I waited (somewhat impatiently!) for the release of Alison Glass’ Field Day.  And when it was release I purchased a fat quarter collection of the line.  Had no idea what I would do with it, but I bought it just to have!  If you want to see the entire line, head over here http://alisonglass.com/products/index.html

And then one day I was playing around in Electric Quilt 7 and came up with some ideas.  Which stuck in my head.  And when things stick in my head I wind up making them.  Sooner or late.

I had also decided that I wanted to start working in more muted shades – okay, I will just come out and say it, I needed to do something that was not using a grey or white or black background.  I’ve been working a lot lately with white or grey, and I needed a change.  I colored the blocks in EQ7 with a lovely brown.  Yes, brown.

And then I bought Kona Spice, Carrot, Sienna, and a couple others.  Taupe.  None really worked.  Then I found it.


It is rich.  It is a perfect shade.  It blends.  It highlights.  It does all the things a background color should do!

And then I made some blocks.  The upper left and lower right are Andrea Bishop blocks from her EQ collection.  The other two are from EQ 7 – the upper right is called Argyle Socks.  The bottom left is actually a crazy quilt block from EQ7 that I recolored and then flipped and rotated until I got it into the layout I wanted – there are four blocks in the larger block.  All the blocks are 24 inches.  Well, except one which I mis-sized and have to add a small border to!  I am going to play around some more to see where this ultimately goes.











This is the primary block for the lower left block.

Field Day Basic










And the block in the upper left was supposed to have four borders of those super skinny geese, but they were way too tedious to make and I went in a different direction with it.  Here’s something I made and sent off to a new home with the skinny geese block.


Space Dust Quilt Along

Space Dust Quilt Along – Week Three – Row 2

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Sorry I am a day late and maybe even a dollar short since I did go to the farmer’s market this morning!  Bought some great donut peaches!

I am really enjoying seeing all the progress from folks over on Instagram.  And a couple new people have jumped into the SDQAL pool!

John over at http://www.quiltdad.com/ will be covering the details of Row 2 with you over on his blog.  If you take a peak at Tula’s pattern page 5, you will see you have moved to pattern pieces G through N.  If you are designing this in similar fashion to the pattern, you will be moving into sections that do a lot more color changes!

Here’s a picture of my project with Row 2 added.  You will see that I started adding the coral and purple in the kit.

IMG_5034Don’t forget to head on over to John’s blog!  I will be writing up Row 3 next Friday and I have something special going on, so see you back here next week.

Space Dust Quilt Along

Space Dust Quilt Along – Week Two – Row One

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John and I are glad you joined us and are looking forward to the next weeks of the quilt along. We kick it off by giving you some background on the pattern and fabric.  We then moved onto some general information about the quilt along process. I’ve seen lots of posts from folks who have joined us that have laid out fabric placement, colorations, and some who have even moved into production!

While my goal is to give you something to work with on this blog post, I thought I’d also give you some links to some of my favorite paper piecing guides and tutorials. Carol Doak taught me everything I ever wanted to know about paper piecing (well, technically it was Florence Fong in a class using Carol’s book!) so she is first. Since each of us having different learning styles, I have given you some written and video stuff.




And as Tula and John have noted, feel free to print out some of the blocks and take some unwanted fabric (did I just type that?!!) and practice!

So without further ado, let’s get to Row One. I will be referring a lot to page 5 of the Spacedust Pattern. Tula Pink has laid out a wonderful assembly diagram. I kept this and the front cover handy as I was moving through the construction process.

You will need two (2) of the four (4) 7 ½ x 10 ½ rectangles you cut from the background fabric – those guidelines are on page 1. I cut all my background fabrics, labeled them and set them aside. You can do this now or just cut the needed rectangles. I leave that up to your preference! The two rectangles you need will be the first and last pieces of Row One, so set them aside or place them on your design wall if you have one.

You will be using templates A through F for this row. One of the great things about this pattern is that each template shows where you will use a color or background fabric. No guessing! And if you have developed a fabric key like that on page seven, you will be flying through this.  Remember throughout that the pattern piece should face up, the fabric faces right side down, and you will never miss a beat.

Row One

Row One along with my handy references











Looking at template A, you see that you need two background pieces and two color pieces. As shown on page 2 of the pattern you need to cut pieces large enough to cover the section. I cut my pieces larger than needed. And since you will be working with a lot of odd shapes and angles, remember that bigger is better – large rectangles or squares tend to work well. I tend to cut at least an inch larger than needed. Keep in mind that the fabric will be right side down when your paper foundation is right side up when you place, measure and cut!

You will always be sewing in numeric order. For template A, there are four pieces 1 – 4. Take your fabric, right side down, and place it so that it is covering shape 1 and extends at least a quarter inch all the way around. As you can see, I use pins to hold the fabric in place. You can also use a dab of a glue stick (lightly!) to anchor in place. I hold the foundation up to a light source to make sure it is extending over all the lines of the shape.

Pin pieces in place.

I use pins. Use a glue stick if that works better for you!









Once you have your fabric piece in place, take your fabric for section 2 and place it so it extends at least a quarter inch beyond the sewing line (the line between 1 and 2 where I have lots of pins in the picture above). You will trim this after you have sewn. Once your fabric is in place, sew along the line, making sure you start a few stitches before and after the shape’s edges.

Sew Along the line

Sew along the line, making sure to start and stop beyond the shape edges.













After you have sewn along the line, turn your foundation over. Fold the foundation back along the line you just sewed and trim any excess fabric (make sure you have completely folded the paper out of the way or you will cut the paper – trust me, it is easy to do!). Use one of your regular rulers or if you have e of those fancy add a quarter rulers those work really well too.


Fold the paper back and trim to 1/4 inch seam.













Now turn your piece over, right sides of fabric facing you, and fold the fabric back past the seam and press (careful that you are using a dry iron – your paper will get crinkly quickly).   For large pieces like you will encounter in this project, I find it helpful to pin the fabric in place. Continue to follow this same place, sew, and trim process for the remaining pieces. Once all your pieces are in place, trim the entire block which should measure 7 ½ x 10 ½.










And here you have the corner rectangle and your first completed block! Congratulations. You are on your way to a Row One finish.

The corner rectangle and your first completed block.  Hurray!

The corner rectangle and your first completed block. Hurray!













I promised you on Instagram that I would show you how to fussy cut/place items.  So here you go – this is my method, find what works for you.

I follow a process similar to generally placing the fabric – the trick is to line of the fabric so that when you fold it back into place it will be aligned properly.  It is really easy to fussy place the fabric when you are working on piece one of the template – anything marked one you just have to place the fabric and check for alignment.  It gets trickier when you are adding pieces that you want to have aligned.  I accomplish this by placing the fabric and then folding back the template along the lines where it will need to line up.












Once it is aligned, pin it in place, then sew onto the foundation along the next line you need to sew on.  This one (template C) was easy as it was for piece one of the template!













So now you are ready to go and finish up row one!  Just use the same process of placing fabric, sewing along the lines, trimming, and pressing for templates B through F. You will need another 7 ½ x 10 ½ rectangle for the end of the row.  These go together pretty quickly as the pieces are large.

Here is Row One (with a Row Two block – I was working out color logistics!). Only five more rows to go and you will have Space Dust!  Keep posting with #SDQAL and let @katarinarocella, @quiltersquare and @artgalleryfabrics see the great work you are doing.  If you have any questions or comments you can leave them here or e mail me at prhjrcoastal@msn.com.  I promise to reply!






No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee

NGAQB – Mr. July

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Walsh Sock

Ryan Walsh is Mr. July and this catches me up!  We are currently working on August, so I will post those as soon as they are done!  Ryan asked for Elizabeth Hartman’s Knee Socks Quilt Block.  I did two but cannot find the other picture!

Walsh Sock










If you head on over to Ryan’s blog you can learn all about him!

Blog: www.ryanwalshquilts.com

Instagram: ryanwalshquilt

Twitter: @ryanwalshquilts

Flickr: ryanwalshquilts

No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee

NGAQB – Mr. June

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Jones Stack

Chris Jones is Mr. June (I was Mr. May just for the record – you will have to wait to see the results when I am finished).

Chris presented the most challenging block to date in my opinion.  It was a stacked diamond block.  Once I got the hang of it, it was not bad!  Again, I may have gotten carried away – I sent four.  Once you cut fabric, you might as well go for it.

Jones Diamond Stack










Here’s everything that Chris shared!

  • Do you have any nicknames, or go by any other name?
  • I used to be heavy into online gaming (Everquest and World of Warcraft) so I have a few character names that people still call me. Typically, Chris is good enough to get my attention. I’ll answer to just about anything you call me though.
  • Did you go to College? What did you study?
  • One day I’ll make it back to school and get my Masters in counseling. I want to either be a licensed counselor, or teach psychology and anthropology on a college level.
  • I started college with the expectation that I would get a biology and chemistry degree, and move on to work in a hospital as a phlobotomist or in a research lab. I was three classes shy of my biology degree when I took a psychology class on a dare. That one class changed everything that I had planned for my life; I ended up graduating from college with dual degrees. One in Psychology with an emphasis in Depth and Archetypal psychology, and one in Sociology with an emphasis in Anthropology.
  • What do you do now?
  • Right now I’m a SQL Developer/Data Administrator for an online book company (nope, not that one – not that one either). I’ve been with the company for fourteen years; I started with them two weeks after I graduated college. I started in the Customer Service department, and quickly moved up to CS Manager. I’ve held a position in just about every department within the company, and if I haven’t worked there, I work closely with them to generate reports or import data.
  • When did you start quilting?
  • When I graduated from college, I stopped quilting for a while. I was sucked in to the world of MMORPG, and barely had time for anything else but work. I picked up quilting again at the suggestion of a great friend at work. She introduced me to hand-piecing and I was in love again. I’ve done quite a few small projects, but I’ve yet to actually quit a top yet. I’m hoping that I’ll get to take some valuable time-off soon and try my mom’s new long arm or free motion quilting machines.
  • I didn’t actually pick up quilting until I was in college and living with my mom’s family. She has a strong lineage of quilters, and I thought I might enjoy it. I grew up with my grandmother, who was a seamstress. She taught me how to sew, crochet, cross stitch, embroider and many other things.
  • What other hobbies do you have?
  • Outside of sewing/quilting, I love to cook, can, and garden. I just picked up canning this year, and I love it. There’s nothing more awesome than taking the things that you grow and preserving them to eat throughout the year. Though I don’t typically eat it, I love making jam, the stranger the flavour profile, the more fun. So far I’ve made mulberry jam, strawberry balsalmic jam, grape jelly, wild berry (strawberry, blueberry, mulberry) and apple butter. I’m trying out recipes for pineapple rum jam and mulled red wine jelly. They will likely be part of the family Christmas presents this year.
  • Do you have pets?
  • Yep, I have three furbabies that are the love of my life. A scottie named Finnigan, a Cairn named Ursula and a German Shepherd named Zahara. Ursula and Zahara were both rescues. We’re currently taking Zahara through obedience school right now.
  • What is your favourite animal?
  • Definitely a wallaby, with a giraffe coming in a close second. I want to make it to Australia one day so that I can see wallabys bounding around the countryside. (And I promise not to be freaked out by the drop-bears :))
  • What is your favourite color?
  • Orange, definitely orange. From pumpkin to safety vest, I love it all.
  • If you could pick your own name, what would it be?
  • For a long time I wanted to change my middle name (no, I won’t tell you what it is, but if you guess correctly, I’ll let you know) to Xavier. I’ve always loved that name, and I’m not really sure why.
  • Which season is best?
  • Fall will always have a special place in my heart. I love the color of the season. But now, because I really enjoy planning gardens, and digging in the dirt, I’d have to go with spring. The smell of the air right after a spring rain….it’s invigorating.
  • If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be?
  • I’d love to see my grandfather again. He was such an amazing person. He was a short-order cook in the army, a recorded musician that wrote music, played the guitar, banjo and fiddle, and spent the greater portion of his adult life as a taxi driver. His routes ranged from around the block to across the country. He loved life, and never had a cross word for anyone. He, like my grandmother, really taught me how to “be” in this world and I love him for it. I’d love to see him again.
  • How would you best describe yourself?
  • I never know what to say with this question. I think the best thing that I can say is that my Meyer’s Briggs personality type is INFP. I’m introverted, usually very quiet and reserved, or in my own world. Feelings and emotions are important to me, and I am usually overflowing with them. I like to daydream, and don’t like strict rules.
  • If you could be any fictional character,who would it be?
  • I can’t narrow it down to one. I’d like to think that I’m equal parts Mindy Kaling, Aquaman, and Captain Jack Harkness in a candy-coated Lord John Grey shell.
  • What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • I probably have too many to mention here. I have a touch of an OCD streak that rears its ugly head from time to time. Right now the biggest thing that bothers me are leaves. I was out in the snow raking them the other day because I couldn’t stand seeing them all over the ground. As far as peeves from others, though, I don’t like people that use others for their benefit. Gets in my craw every time.
  • Do you have siblings?
  • Yep, I have a half brother and a step-sister. Both are grown, though my brother still lives with our parents.
  • What kind of music interests you?
  • I will listen to just about any type of music, except modern country. I just can’t get into it. As far as favourites…the sugarier the pop, the better. As of late I’ve been bouncing between bollywood hits and electronica.
  • What book/movie/tv show can you not live without?
  • TV is a guilty pleasure of mine; I watch way too much of it. I’m a card-carrying fandom member for Supernatural and Teen Wolf – can’t miss an episode. I don’t read as much as I should, but I like fantasy, historical fiction and romance books. Bernard Cornwell, Gregory McGuire, and Diana Gabaldon are a few of my current go-to authors.
No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee

NGAQB – Mr. April

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John picked Anna Maria Horner’s feather block.  Great challenge – easy ‘fabric’ construction, a little tricky in the solid placement to get then to the right size, but overall fun to make.  I went a little overboard.

Adams Feathers










And here’s some information on John!

Please allow me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a father of three, originally from Brooklyn NYC but now living in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. I live with my 9 year-old twin girls, my 8 year-old son, and a crazy German Shorthaired Pointer named Bristol. Though I often wish it could be, quilting and pattern-writing is not my full-time job; by day, I lead branding and brand marketing efforts for a global software company. I am a completely self-taught quilter (thanks, blogs and internet!) and have been sewing for about 7 years now. I earned my undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of North Carolina and, when I’m not sewing, enjoy cheering for the UNC Tar Heels.

I was originally inspired by the blossoming worlds both of craft blogging and modern fabrics back in 2004. I was living in Charlotte NC at the time and began mixing and matching fabrics and buying fat quarters in my local quilt shop even before I knew how to sew a stitch. I was really drawn to the creative process of mixing and matching colors and prints. That was when Amy Butler’s Lotus line had just come out, and the options for bright modern fabrics was growing like crazy. Before long, I decided I was going to make a quilt and read free tutorials online until I felt comfortable with the basics.

I started my blog, QuiltDad.com, in 2008 on a whim, mainly to be eligible to join a swap at the time but ultimately to share my love of patchwork with others.

Since then, I’ve remained very active in online quilting communities through swaps, virtual quilting bees, and guilds. Today, I try to apply my own quilting aesthetic to designing original quilt patterns for both fabric designers and companies and frequently contribute to creative blogs, books, and other collaborative endeavors. I’ve contributed to several collaborative quilt books, have two book titles of my own (Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays and the soon to be released Beyond Neutral: Quilts Inspired by Nature’s Elements) and was a co-founder of the popular e-magazine and book series for modern quilters, Fat Quarterly.

Having said all that, the NGAQB is one of the most unique, exciting projects I’ve been a part of and I can’t wait to see the beautiful things that emerge from it.

No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee

NGAQB – Mr. March

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And now I think I have the Andrew’s sorted out.  I hope.  Andrew Youngman was Mr. March and requested an inverted star.  A fairly straightforward block but stick was challenging.

Youngman Inverted Star










And here’s some info on Andrew!

I’m the other Andrew, or Mr. March. In a brief introduction about me, I would tell you that I sent to art school and concentrated in photography. I now work in healthcare, specifically as an aide in Intensive Care and Cardiac Services.


Quilting was introduced to me by my mother a couple of years ago when I asked her to teach me, knowing she wanted to get back into it. I made one small table runner and one lap quilt then put my machine away, only to pick it up again 6 months or so ago.


Thanks to social media, specifically Instagram, I started noticing more and more male crafters and quilters, and started to follow them and begin a conversation about an all-male quilt bee. And here we are..


I chose the Inverted Star block (available on craftsy.com) because I haven’t yet worked with half-square triangles and wanted the challenge. And I asked for the color inspiration to come from a photograph I took on my last trip with my husband to Key West. We’ve been there twice in the last year and love it. Asking for your help to commemorate this new favorite place of mine seemed appropriate.


Thanks you all for the stunning blocks that I’ve already either received or seen online. They work you each produce is amazing and I’m glad to be a growing amateur in such an elite group of fun and talented craftsman!


Please note I’ve updated my Instragram handle: It’s now TESTOSTERSEWN

No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee

NGAQB Mr January

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Sandy Greenberg requested a paper piece star.  I love paper piecing!  Great way to start this bee.  I was excited.

Here’s what he got:

Greenberg Star








And here’s a little about Sandy:

  1. I’m Sandy Greenberg. I was born in 1969, while men were walking on the moon, in the suburbs of Chicago. Being an only child I was given lots of attention and, since both my parents were teachers, my creativity was encouraged. I studied art in high school, at Illinois State University and finally got my degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I didn’t do much with it, other than get a job screen printing t-shirts. The creative bug was pretty much burned out of me.I like reading and watching Science Fiction, watching motor sports, travelling, and having fun with my boy.
  2. Fast forward a decade or two and after a pretty serious work accident (I sliced open my wrist cutting 9 of 22 tendons, 1 of three nerves and one of the arteries) I met a lovely Yorkshire lass online. Days and sparks flew and I moved to Leeds, UK and got married in 2002. We have a lovely 4 year old boy who has been with us for 2 ½ years now. We also have three cats called Jimmy (13 ½), Maggie (5) and Norman Price (14 weeks).
  3. I am married to the super talented Brioni Greenberg, aka Flossyblossy. She’s been a quilter for about 6 years. She is one of the founders of Fat Quarterly ezine and is co-author of FQ’s first book (the second is on its’ way). She also had her first solo book come out this summer, “25 Ways to Sew Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Packs”. Having this influence in the house, and being constantly surrounded by fabric and projects it was pretty hard not to take an interest.

I approach quilting as a technical challenge. I am less bothered by the outcome and am more interested in the process. I LOVE paper foundation piecing! I have no interest or love of fabric however. I pay no attention to lines or designers, just pretty colours and patterns. I’m a fearless skilled amateur. My second ever project was a pattern of curved flying geese of my own design and everyone thought I was brave and crazy. I just did it because no one told me that I couldn’t.

  1. I’m probably a modern quilter, I don’t really know. I tend to like uber complicated patterns with small pieces and bright rainbow palettes.
  2. I chose the Lone Starburst block because I love it but didn’t fancy making enough for a whole quilt. You can find it here: http://quiltingclimber.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/designing-templates.html and here: http://thepeonyteacup.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/lone-starburst-paper-pieced-block.html
  3. You can find me in these places: http://enfurnoh.blogspot.co.uk/
  4. Curly Boy Blog

Instagram: Curly_Boy1

Twitter: @Curly_boy1

Flickr:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/curly_boy/





No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee

NGAQB Mr. February

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So I am trying to catch up on the NGAQB postings since I am way behind.  Have been keeping up with the blocks, just not posting here!

Here are Mr. Joslyn’s blocks!  Everything you wanted to know about Andrew is below.

Joslyn Geese










I’m Andrew Joslyn, also known as Mr. February of the #NGAQB.  I grew up with an older sister and my parents and my family went back-and-forth between the Philadelphia, PA area and Tokyo, Japan.  Although more of my time was spent in the US, I always felt like Japan was a second home (maybe my “real” home?) to me.  I spent 4 years of high school at the American School in Japan and they were some of the best years of my life.  I am still extremely inspired by Japanese culture and art.

I owe my life of quilting to my wonderful partner, Chad.  He has an addictive personality, so he’ll get stuck on something and will put all his energy into that one activity for a relatively short amount of time in an obsessive way.  He usually drops that activity and moves on to a new hobby pretty quickly.  But a number of years ago, Chad began knitting.  He found a great group of other knitters to hang out with and he became hooked!  It’s the first time I’ve seen him stick with something for so long!  He was making such beautiful knitwear and I became quite jealous.  I tried my hand at knitting, but I absolutely HATED it.  I mean, it made me so frustrated I just completely gave up.  This didn’t really surprise me because I’ve never considered myself much of an artist or “maker.”

I didn’t want to give up on the making, though, so I started wondering whether there was something else that was more my speed.  I began with sewing, just making little things like zippered pouches, coffee cup sleeves, knitting needle “roll-ups” etc.  Although I enjoyed it a bit, I didn’t like the finicky work associated with this type of sewing.  I somehow got it in my head that I should try making a quilt.  When I found out that my sister was pregnant in early 2010, I thought that perhaps a baby quilt for my soon-to-be niece was a good place to start.  I taught myself using Alex Anderson’s “Start Quilting” and I got a lot of great help from my co-worker, who had already been quilting for a few years.

That first project was a challenge for me and I made some incredible mistakes and got extremely discouraged at numerous points in the process.  Normally this means that I’ll never do that activity again, but for some reason, I was so happy with the final result, that I kind of forgot all the pain and decided to push forward with more quilting.  My co-worker quickly convinced me to join a relatively new group called the “Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild.”  I met some amazing quilters and made many new friends through Philly MQG and within about 1 year, I became the president of the group!  I have been president now for a couple years and it is still a ton of fun.  I’m presently spending quite a bit of my time organizing a modern quilting retreat in Lancaster, PA called “Mid-Atlantic MOD” with a couple other awesome quilters from the Central NJ MQG and the DC MQG.

For my month of February, I asked the boys to make me blocks of their own design that incorporate flying geese of any size and color placed in negative space composed of solid neutrals, such as creams and grays.  A number of the blocks have already arrived and they are looking fabulous!  I absolutely love flying geese …

You can find me at the following places on the web (I post most frequently at Instagram).  You might notice on my blog that I do a bunch of other making too, like jams/jellies, pickles, and now I’m brewing my own kombucha and hard cider!

Momotaro Makes Blog


Instagram:  andrewjoslyn

Twitter:  andrewjoslyn

Flickr:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewjoslyn

Quilting Space Dust Quilt Along

Space Dust Quilt Along Begins!

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The Space Dust Quilt Along has begun.  John has posted a great introduction with some helpful tips as we get ready to go.  You can find his post here.


Don’t forget to have your rotary cutter, rulers, and pins (or a glue stick if you are so inclined) ready to go.  I will be hosting next week where we will be making the first row.

I am looking forward to all the great creativity that this brings out in those of you who are quilting along!

And I added a Space Dust Quilt Along menu item to bring all the posts under one umbrella and save you some hunting time!