Indelible Mini

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Indelible Mini for the Win

Well, as many of you know from Instagram I have fallen head over heals for Indelible.  I came across it when I was shopping at CrimsonTate and bought two pieces from the line that I just had to have.  If you have not seen the line, you can check it out at Katarina Roccella‘s new line for Art Gallery Fabrics, Indelible.

And you know that I have a LOVE of paper piecing, so of course I went into EQ7 and used two blocks I thought were a great medium for the fabric.  I made two different blocks using the Indelible fabric along with some pieces from Makower’s Sansui line and Free Spirit Denyse Schmidt solids.












Now what to do?  Hmmmm, why not take some more of the Spirodraft (the dark grey, my favorite in the line!) and slash it up.  I added two more blocks to get to a 28 inch square mini.  I quilted it by outlining the block shapes and by following some of the lines in the grey fabric.











And the final product has a happy home in my bedroom.  Yes, I love the grey aquaish combination just a little!


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The Space Dust Quilt-Along

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I have a binder!  And fabric.  Ready to go.


And here it is!  The event you have been waiting for.  The Space Dust Quilt-Along!


As usual, I was spending more time on Instagram than I should (I would get so much more sewing done!) and along came this post from John Adams (Quiltdad) and Kela (from Quilter’s Square) and some others.

We were gushing about Katarina Roccella‘s new line for Art Gallery Fabrics, Indelible.

John was also sharing that Tula Pink’s Space Dust quilt was on his quilter’s bucket list, and that he was contemplating starting it soon.  Space Dust made with Indelible?  John mentioned it would be pretty damn epic.  Who was I to argue?

Others agreed. A quilt-along was mentioned. And John volunteered to host it (though I think he was actualAnly told to, only IG knows for sure).

And because he has an awesome beard, I agreed to co-host!  Kela offered to pull together quilt kits (at a discounted price!), John asked Tula to offer a pattern discount to participants (she agreed!), and the Space Dust Quilt-Along (#SDQAL) was born.  John and I are looking forward to seeing what you all create as you join us on this adventure!


The Pattern

The Space Dust pattern by Tula Pink is a paper-pieced (foundation pieced) pattern. (Not English paper piecing — aka hand work — as some of you have already asked.) If you’re unfamiliar, uncomfortable, or inexperienced with paper piecing and want to practice / get better, this is a GREAT pattern for that. It’s fairly straightforward and Tula’s instructions, as always, are amazing.

The PDF pattern is listed at $24.95 but Tula is offering 15% off for SDQAL participants. Just enter SDQAL as the discount code.

As a reference, here are the fabric requirements for the pattern:

  • Background fabric: 5 yards
  • Color fabrics: 22 quarter-yard cuts of your choice
  • Backing: 8 yards
  • Binding: 3/4 yard
  • The quilt finishes at 88″ x 96″.

Link to purchase the Space Dust quilt pattern.

The Fabric

The quilting community is all abuzz with talk about Katarina Roccella‘s debut line with Art Gallery Fabrics, Indelible.  The fabric is sublime!  Typical of AGF, the fabric has a great feel.  While I did not get to see it at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh like John did, I encountered it during a CrimsonTate sale and bought two of my favorite pieces.  I’ll post a separate blog on that beauty!  I think John made a perfect choice since the prints and colors of the line will be an amazing complement to the Space Dust pattern.

The pattern calls for 21 quarter-yard cuts of prints, so you can of course use any fabric you want for the quilt-along. It is not a requirement that you make your quilt from Indelible!

If, however, you would like to use the line, Quilter’s Square in Lexington, KY is making quilt kits and offering them at a discounted price. Kits are normally priced at $125.75, but are being offered for $100.00 for SDQAL participants.

Link to purchase quilt kits from Quilter’s Square.

The Schedule

We’ll be starting the quilt-along in a few weeks to give everyone enough time to collect their supplies, prepare their materials, etc. John and I will be alternating posts on our blogs (but I’ll always link to his posts so that you won’t miss anything.) The initial schedule is posted below. You will see that we will be posting on Fridays — making it easier on you weekend warriors! — and tackling the pattern row by row.

  • Friday, 8/1 – Gathering materials, printing pattern, cutting pattern pieces, brush up on paper piecing, general prep
  • Friday, 8/8 – Row 1
  • Friday, 8/15 – Row 2
  • Friday, 8/22 – Row 3
  • Friday, 8/29 – Row 4
  • Friday, 9/5 – Row 5
  • Friday, 9/12 – Row 6
  • Friday, 9/19 – Row 7
  • Friday, 9/24 (MY 40TH BIRTHDAY!) - Row 8 & finishing up

A note about quilt-alongs: the posts will always remain live on our blogs. If you need to get started a few weeks (or months or years!) late, no worries. You can always come back and follow the posts. Likewise, if you’re a Speedy Sally and want to jump ahead, you are always free to do so. The quilt-along is simply a place for encouragement and fun picture-sharing to keep everyone motivated throughout.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without giveaways! Be on the lookout for fun giveaways to be offered throughout the quilt-along for anyone participating.

If you’re participating and you’re active on social media, please be sure to share all of your progress on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #SDQAL. Feel free to start now with photos of your fabric ideas, your prep work, paper piecing tips, questions and requests for help, etc.

So, who’s in? My only remaining question for John is do we get cake?

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Hacking on a sunday…but in a fabric kind of way…

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This was a pretty straightforward project!

So I did not do much in the way of sewing on Saturday as it was a very nice day and there were multiple errands to run, including dropping off my Bernina for service (when I get that very polite message, I always head it into the shop) and running over to the LQS to get some feedback on the piece I am working on for them (I will do another post on that, I promise).  I added another border to that project!  Then I had to run the dogs to their spa treatment, so they spent a lovely time getting baths and having nails painted and the day was pretty much gone.  And had gotten away from me!

So Sunday I decided that I really needed to use up some pieces from the LQS project, including a boatload of 3 inch squares of Kona in a variety of colors.  I overcut.  Quite a bit.  I also had some fairly large pieces of Lucky Penny in white.  And so I started to hack.  And slash.  And hack some more.

I cut white pieces into 7 1/2 squares (that was the final choice – I started at 8 1/2 but they were too large).  I then randomly picked 3 of the 3 inch Kona squares for the corners.  Why only 3 corners?  Why not!

The 3 inch squares were placed on the corners and I drew diagonal lines and sewed on the line.  I then cut 1/4 inch from the sewn line and pressed and Voila, a block.  I made a total of 16 blocks this way.

Placement?  Hmmmm…I decided to have the first row with all the empty corners (no 3 inch piece on it) oriented to the bottom left, the next row pointed it to the upper right, and then bottom left, then upper right!  I got two distinct patterns this way, a full square and an hourglass thingy.

So it was a little small, and I added a 3 inch by 7 1/2 inch strip to make a first border, placing 3 inch Kona squares on the strip ends as needed to place them in spots where they finish up the secondary patterns.  I sewed and trimmed these the same way as the large squares – diagonal line, sew on line, and trim and press.  Once that border was complete, I added a second border of 3 inches by length, adding a 3 inch square on the ends.  For the top and bottom strips, I added a 3 inch white square to make the length fit properly.

I then sewed remaining 3 inch Kona pieces together to get a very colorful border.  I have made a back and the piece is pinned and ready to quilt.  I will update as soon as it is all done!

hack sunday twohacking sunday one



Sunnyside Asymmetrical Diamonds

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Sunnyside Asymmetrical Diamonds Kate Spain

I admit I spend far too much time quilting and playing around with my virtual friends on Instagram for my own good.  I have found so much inspiration through IG!  Those of you who might know me over on IG know that I post a lot over there, especially about my ‘creative process’ and less time over here on my blog.  You also know that most of my quilting is done with fabric that has inspired me and that I usually focus on a particular fabric in my work and don’t ‘mix it up’ as much as some folks might do.  That’s just my style!  For this piece, I again used Sunnyside by Kate Spain (you can find my Wonky Stars using this line on another blog post).

I started with an Asymmetrical Diamonds pattern I found over on Robert Kaufman fabrics website.  You can find the pattern here:   http://www.robertkaufman.com/quilting/quilts_patterns/asymmetrical_diamond/#color:1.  As you will see there, the Kaufman pattern is inspired by Lisa Roddy’s quilt on her blog, Shiner’s View. you can view the original quilt here.

And I will sketch out my recollections of the process (I should probably take notes when I make something, but I usually just go with the flow and forget what I’ve done to get to the finish!).  I used charm packs of Sunnyside along with some pale yellow solid (I think it is Kona, but don’t quote me – I know I hit up 3 shops to find the color I wanted, dutifully carrying my charm packs with me).

The pattern is I think fairly straightforward and relatively easy to put together as it is HST driven.  I did add some additional length and width to my piece to get the size and look that I wanted.  My piece finishes at 55 square.

The piece was quilted by my awesome long arm quilter http://kappeskreations.com/ – she has done a lot of my pieces and for this she did some amazing scrollwork in the pale yellow and some Angela Walters inspired wonky triangles in the Sunnyside fabric.

And so you know, I am a happy little evildemondevildog because Kate Spain saw this on Instragram and regrammed it.  I could not ask for a better affirmation on my work than having it acknowledged by the fabric designer who inspired it.  Thank you!

Enough fanboy gushing – here are pictures of the finished piece (I used some yardage of Sunnyside for binding) and some detail shots posted elsewhere on my blog.  Now all in one place for your viewing pleasure.

Love Kate Spain.  Love the quilting!

Love Kate Spain. Love the quilting!

Sunnyside Asymmetrical Diamonds Kate Spain

This was prebinding out on the deck. I was so excited to get this back from the long arm adventure.

Sunnyside Asymmetrical Diamonds

The finished 55 x 55 piece.





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Welcome to May! What I have been up to lately…

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I will hopefully get around to blogging about each of these if I have not already!  In the meantime, enjoy the show!





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Making a Medallion

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Designed in Electric Quilt 7.

I confess that I have wanted to make the Marcelle Medallion out of the Liberty Love book for a while now.  I have seen many of them on Instagram and was really getting excited about attempting my own.  And then I thought, hey, why not just assemble your own.

So I broke out the trust Electric Quilt 7 handbook and figured out (finally after all these years!) to lay blocks into borders and had at it.  The design came out something like this:

Designed in Electric Quilt 7.

Designed in Electric Quilt 7.













And so my work began.  I am using Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics line from Robert Kauffman along with one of her pieces from Architextures.  Her fabric lines are fantastic.  Great color and designs.

The center medallion was relatively easy to get done.  Morning Star.











Once the center was done, I started to work on the subsequent borders.  I had a couple of design struggles during the process, including how scrappy to go in a couple of sections.









And yesterday I started to create the final border sections.  I was originally going to make a block called the Priscilla but it turned out to be a little off kilter and has y seams, so a lot of work.  I decided to go with a simple hummingbird block (no Y seams required though!).  I was going to alternate between the dark grey and light backgrounds, but have decided to go with the light background.  I’ve also decided to scrap it up again and mix in the variety of fabrics that were used in the Arkansas star block and the handkerchief edging.  I only have to make 32 of them!  I will update this post when I have the top all finished up!

And here it is the middle of May and I am just getting around to finishing up this post, though the piece has been done for weeks!  Ack!  So little time.  Not only was I happy with the top, I got all fancy with my Bernina stitches and came up with some great details for the quilting.

IMG_3819 IMG_3839 IMG_3826 IMG_3823










After all the quilting, this was the final result (excuse the man toes, someone needs to wear shoes when he holds quilts for me).

IMG_3841 IMG_3842


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Twisted Log Cabin

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When I was making my permutations quilt (http://evildemondevildog.com/2014/01/25/a-study-in-permutations/) I did some block exploration.  One of the blocks I made was a twisted log cabin.








The block found a new home and fame and fortune on Instagram!  A couple of folks have asked about the pattern.  So here is an experiment since I have never tried posting a pdf file to my blog!

The block is from Electric Quilt 7 – I have been using EQ for quite some time (okay, ever since it first came out!) and I love the versatility of the blocks, designs and layouts that can be accomplished.  I have attached a six and seven inch version of the pdf file for your use (disclaimer – I checked EQ7s write up and web page and they say the blocks are not copyright – there are a couple of exceptions and this was not one of them).

Twisted Log Cabin Six Inch Block

Twisted Log Cabin Seven Inch Block

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Layer Cake Sampler QAL

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The twelve blocks made to date.  And a sleeping dog.  She is very helpful.

Amanda at http://materialgirlquilts.wordpress.com/ has an amazing QAL going on!  Use a layer cake – check!  Use half square triangles – check!  Absolutely loving this QAL.

I am using Shades of Black from Me & My Sister Designs – the layer cake is from Moda.  I am also using a plain purple Kona as well as a Moda Marble Dots in purple to give some variety to the layouts.

And six weeks later we are at block 12!  Every Friday Amanda provides two blocks to add to the QAL.  She provides pictures of her block as well as alternate layouts for the blocks.

I have been having a great time with the QAL and several of my Instragram friends who are participating.  I am not even bothered by the fact that jessicaquilter always gets her blocks done before I do (well, not bothered much I suppose).

Here’s the two most recent blocks 11 and 12 as well as the whole group of 12 that have been made to date.

The twelve blocks made to date.  And a sleeping dog.  She is very helpful.

The twelve blocks made to date. And a sleeping dog. She is very helpful.












And we are now up to number 14!  The picture to the left  includes the newest additions (they are shown in the top left of the picture)!  This thing is going to be ginormous!

This is going to be one ginormous quilt!

This is going to be one ginormous quilt!













And tomorrow is Friday so we should be coming to two new ones!  Join me sometime this weekend when I post those.

And again, a finish but blogging is way behind!  It needs to be quilted but I am happy with the result.  There were options for setting the blocks, including sashing and cornerstones, but I went with just having the blocks put together with an outside border.  I liked the additional patterns that formed from keeping the blocks together.  This was an amazing experience!

ginormous with border!

ginormous with border!


Let your inner bronie play

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Purple Unicorns rule!

Yep, I had to.  Quiet play does the most awesome paper piece patterns.  I wanted to make this one so badly.  I had to enlarge the pattern as the pieces were a wee bit small for me on the original.  And it snowed the day I made it so a purple unicorn playing in the grass was perfect!

Purple Unicorns rule!

Purple Unicorns rule!

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The Geese Vortex

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My admiration of Alison Glass fabric continues, and after working with it for the Feathers QAL I decided to make some geese.  There is an awesome pattern on her website that I may one day try but for this effort I stayed relatively small (about 31 inches square).

I started by making one of my favorite patterns, A Circle of Geese.  This pattern is available from http://www.piecebynumber.com/circleofgeese.htm.   I then created some additional geese in different sizes.








And then I debated what to do and turned to my friends on Instagram who as always helped me out in terms of next steps – I debated putting feathers or arrows as a border, but then decided that I would use the column fabric I had and frame the geese - the folks on IG are so inspirational for me and so full of great ideas.  I love having other quilters to turn to for input.







Once I had that done, I created a backing using some leftover pieces.









And finally, some  straight line diagonal quilting, a binding (always a dilemma to me – again my IG friends helped me out) and a label and voila!


The finished back – a little wonkier than I wanted it!


The front all finished up.


Cody makes the cutest label!  I still debate changing my tag to PuppiesandUnicorns.

Cody makes the cutest label! I still debate changing my tag to PuppiesandUnicorns.











I think it came out super!  A couple lessons learned during this process:

(1) Do not wear headphones when you baste and quilt – you will not hear the crinkling of the paper you apparently forgot to tear off the circle of geese.  Well, gives new meaning to the ‘crinkly love’ of a quilt!

(2) When you piece a backing and believe you have it perfectly lined up, forget it.  I’ve done this more than once!  The back gets just a little off kilter.  It still looks good.

And now I am debating what to do with it.  I certainly do not need another quilt in the quilt museum known as my house.  And it isn’t really a kid’s blanket type of thing.  I debated doing it as a giveaway for my IG friends but that means I have to make a decision (or let some random generator do it).  And you see how I get with bindings!

So for all her help and putting up with my IG nonsense while I worked on this quilt, I randomly decided that pattinottessa gets first decline!